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Friday, January 9, 2009


Many people say it's a good idea to have a vision board for your life. When I was in college I started one but I called it my dream/prayer/goal journal! I loved taking pictures and writing and realized that if it was about my vision it needed to reflect my personality! A good friend of mine (who later became my room mate) gave me the photo book. I took pic's of the things that I wanted in my future. I took a picture of my campus and wrote that I wanted to graduate with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. I snapped a photo of a car and a license and wrote that I wanted a car & license (I know I got my license when I was in college-so I'm a late bloomer). I wrote that I wanted a great boyfriend that I would one day marry and I put a greeting card of a couple in my book.

I put many more dreams/prayers/goals in my photo journal but I realize that you get the message. I planned it out. If you want helps to make it reality by seeing it! Do you want to be a writer snap a photo or tear out a magazine article that you love...or design a board that fits your personality.
It is written that faith is being certain of what you hope for and do not see...If you don't see it in your own life can still be certain that your dream can happen to you.

Many people have achieved great things-why not you? Do you want to be a leader for diversity? Let a kid that is not well-liked sit next to you...Would you like to make the basketball team? Practice everyday... and make sure you try out!
Read something great-write something better and keep your vision top of mind!
-Tara :)


Anonymous said...

I just created my first vision board. I didn't really focus on what I wanted the board to say, rather I let the attraction of the photos I clipped speak to me. As an entreprenuer, I'm always hoping for more business/success but I was surprised to see a strong trend in my board towards relationships/couples and travel.

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