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Friday, January 2, 2009


My best memories include those with people that I care about. Have you ever noticed that many of the award winning books, movies and plays are about friendship? I don't think that it is a coincidence. People truly enjoy stories that focus on relationships. If you are interested in new journal ideas. Write stories and poems about friendship. If you write an entry a day about someone that you care about you will accomplish two things. You can become a stronger writer because you will be focusing on one subject for an entire week and you will have great dialogue to share with those who are special to you. A great exercise is to write the same story/poem each day and revise it a bit everyday. This will most likely result in a great entry by the end of the week and you will have a great addition to your body of work.

Speaking of great bodies of still have time to sign up for my Creative Writing Workshop on January 10th. The cost is $15/person and you can pay for it before you leave the site via paypal. These workshops are wonderful for building your journals, portfolios, and possibly your manuscripts!
Read something good and write something inspiring!

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