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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling beautiful when my face says otherwise

“Beauty is internal” my voice sang out to the eager children on the playground.

I am the author that chants as if it is a mantra that true beauty matters…anything else is not as important. How often do I tell kids that true treasure is paramount and the outer is just extra. Do I feel that way now that my face has been plagued with an allergy that I can’t explain. The pretty smile that others compliment and I take for granted is missing because I am not smiling and when I do… is it really as pretty as it is when my lips are not swollen. My soul is so important! My internal being is the best part of me! My favorite feature in a person is their heart…the lessons keep presenting themselves because I have to practice what I preach more than just preach because it’s my practice. It is very easy to feel confident when I feel beautiful because my skin is clear or my smile is bright. I need to be confident in myself even when fate has thrown me a day to truly focus on my internal makeup.
Readers, today is a tough one for me. I have had an allergic reaction to something and I am taking medication to clear it up. The best medicine for me out of this experience is that I am able to really understand and identify with the desire to feel beautiful on the outside. I believe each day is given as a gift to discover something new and to grow. “Who I am not what I am” is not only my book it is a mindset that we as people (regardless of age) must truly embrace the meaning of self-esteem. This means that when we don’t have the best outfit on…we are great! When we get a bad grade…we are great! When we are the only one with freckles…we are great! Our greatness does not depend on our outer circumstances …it thrives on in spite of them!

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