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Thursday, May 21, 2009


It is so easy to reschedule those important to-do's on the list. Have you ever heard anyone say well, I'll just wait until tomorrow or I can get that done later this week. The best time will always be right now, today and in the present. It is hard to rely on the next day to accomplish something because no one really knows what tomorrow will bring. The sooner we choose to eat right...the sooner we get to meet our goals. The best time to start writing a book is now...because that means you are closer to being an author. Procrastination is something that holds back great intentions. Have you ever met someone with remarkable potential who chooses not to apply themselves? Don't let that person be you! I know that today you can make your dreams come true! The best part about having a dream is working hard to see it come true! The future is in your hands but it's fate lies in this present moment.

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