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Friday, October 16, 2009

Anything is possible...

Hi Readers!
I cannot help but to reflect on my literary journey from time to time. Today is a very significant day because tomorrow Zoey (my newest character) will be unveiled to the world! 100% Real is the second book in the "Who I Am" series. It has the same values of "Who I Am Not What I Am" in the sense that it promotes positive messages for children and helps them to embrace self-esteem and diversity.
Last year at this time I had already put in my two weeks notice at my former job. I remember walking through the halls and saying my goodbyes just in case I missed someone before October 28th (which would be my last day).
I had hope and I was excited. Many people questioned my choice and said that I was making a mistake by quitting my day job to begin a new venture as a full-time author, diversity advocate and speaker. I had to smile at those people and remind myself that we differed in our faith and that they were entitled to their opinion.
Today I am still smiling, hopeful and even more faithful than I was that day as I hugged
co-workers and exchanged info.
I am sharing this specific entry with you because I am so happy that I can be a living example of a dream come true. I am also thrilled that not only can I reach my goals but that I can help others do the same.
In a year I have traveled to New york City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, Chicago and more to promote "Who I Am Not What I Am". I have met so many people that were grateful for the message of my book and that continue to email me and ask me when is the next one coming out.
I have been able to serve on many diversity boards ones that have local status and some that are on a national level. I created a powerful networking alliance for professional African-American women to connect, promote and enhance using their business brand.
I have been blessed to help out with non-profits that tackle the cause of Autism, Literacy and more.
I have taught seminars on self-esteem, creative writing, social media and diversity.
My husband and I are still very active in mentoring a great group of young people at our church (that we refuse to share our age with because we want them to think we are as cool as they are).
So please share in this happy day with me by writing down your dreams and by one. Make a nice long list and muster up the faith that no matter how impossible your list may be...anything is possible!
I have no regrets... only satisfaction that I made the right choice by taking action.
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