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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday I attended a funeral of a truly inspiring man. This man was 73 years old and had changed many lives in the course of living his own. It was hard to find a empty seat in the packed church and many people recalled the times that he had encouraged them or helped them in some way. As I sat and listened to the memories being recalled by others it made me ponder. I know that Phil, my friend that passed was amazing and spiritual.
I also thought about all of the times that I encountered him and how he always made me feel very special. I left with sadness that in my lifetime I would never hear his greeting "Hiya Tara" to me again...but I also left with a lesson.
Phil's final lesson for me in life was that I should make sure that I remember what is really important....People. Phil had a way of making people feel like they were important despite their socio-economic, racial, or gender status.
I hope that my life is one that mirrors a similar reaction. For example, I realize from people's compliments that I have strengths that encourage people greatly. Many tell me that my smile has a way of uplifting others. I realize this means that I need to use it generously.
What is your gift? What do you want to be remembered by? How can you get closer to that goal? One of my biggest goals is to change lives with the books that I write. I don't "just" want to have monetary benefit...I want to have impact that surpasses dollar signs. I hope that my books can be used to teach children how to read, how to interact with others, how to feel great about themselves and how to be better citizens in this world. I also want my books to be a resource for parents to use to discuss the tough issues.
Today think about your life, your goals and what people say about you and decide if alterations need to be made.
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Tammy aka prettyselfish said...

I think you are already leaving a major impact with your books, your work ethic and your big heart. Phil was an incredible man that left a legacy in so many hearts. He is sorely missed but I am truly inspired by how much people loved him because of how much he loved them first.