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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Fruitful life...

What does being fruitful mean to you? I think that it means living your life to its fullest and enjoying every bit of the sweetness that every day can bring. The glass really is half full...who needs a full glass all of the time anyway? I say be content with your lot but work very hard so that you never regret your lot in life. As a writer, I face amazing days filled with meeting great people, and doing what I love. I also have to motivate myself to the extreme because I am the boss of's not easy to be my boss (even when it's me). The fruits of one's labor shows up everyday. For instance, did you write that journal entry yet? Have you sent out your manuscript? Are any writing classes in your planner for next year? In order to get the best return on our investment we have to plant the right seeds. If you want to get better more. If you want to see your dream come true...make it happen by preparation and sacrifice!

I hope to see you this Saturday in Grand Rapids. I will be signing copies of "Who I am not what I am" at the Walden Bookstore, Woodland Mall 12-2.

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