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Sunday, December 14, 2008



I truly enjoy the opportunity to live my destiny. I had a great time at the Creative Writing Workshop yesterday. The group was eager to write and share their works in our community. I always notice that when I host Creative Writing Workshops people are inspired by the works of others. The advantages of attending a forum of writers is that you can learn so much from the writing style of another person and also offer your works to inspire people as well. Everyone has a special contribution to the writing community and this is a fun and educational way to expand one's tools for thinking creatively and making great connections. I am always inspired when I see repeat attendees come and produce work that is greatly improved from the last workshop. When people are inspired they continue to find ways to feed the part of your soul that needs to grow as a writer. Read books for your to others...write a a can even write a card for someone you care about...but continue to grow. I had my first book signing at "As the Page Turns" in Northville yesterday. I was very touched by the people that came and brought their children. I had great conversations with people that led pretty inspiring lives themselves. I look forward to seeing more of the people that enjoy my book (s) and workshop at future signings. My next signing is in Grand Rapids at the Walden Books in Woodland Mall on Saturday December 20th. Please some out say hi and buy a book for someone that you care about and that you want to inspire.

Read something great! Inspire somebody special:)

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