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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Take some time to throw a snowball!

Hi Readers,

This is it! We are in the busy season. You may be spending your days on line and in the malls. Many people are trying to figure out the best gift to give their loved ones. I think the best gift is quality time (that's just me). A great way to spend time with others is to start a book club! Have food, drink & great discussion. Your favorite book can be shared with those you love and you can make many new memories by enjoying the works of your favorite author together. You can do this at any age...if your special someone is too young to do this read to them and their friends at their next playgroup. If children learn to love reading early it is a love that will never go away. The best writers are those who read as children. Speaking of children if their are any kids on your list, I would love to see them this Saturday at the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids. I will be signing books from 12-2 at the Walden Books. Come get a book, have cocoa and throw a snowball! Lots of fun events are coming for children and adults alike in January as well. Read something good and and give something great! :)


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Rachie-Babe said...


I love your enthusiasm and positive insight! It's catchy! Can I add your blog to my links page?