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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi Readers,

I've been thinking about the way that people describe others. Have you ever met someone that tried to get you to remember a friend? They may have said (the one with the red hair....or the girl with braces) Does that sound familiar? I have been described as the dark skinned girl, the girl with the long hair, the one with crooked teeth (before my braces). What defines you? Is it other people's descriptions? Is it your actions? both? It's up to you. I think that the best way that I heard someone describe me is by saying the really nice young lady with the big smile. My hope is that through my books, my smile and my words I can make the world a better place. I'd like to be known as the one that says "Hi" to everybody....the one that smiles at strangers...the girl who is never mean. I'm not perfect and I don't want this description to ever be used in regards to who I am. Even though I'm not perfect I believe that I can make the world a more perfect place by being kind and by being friendly to those that I encounter. Have you thought about the way that people categorize you? It is so important to remember that everyday we create our own definition of who we are. My book is about Janelle, a young girl who has a hard time when her peers try to put her in a classification based on race. Her parents remind her that she's special, blessed and a kid who loves to talk. If you'd like a bonus writing exercise today...try writing a paragraph on how people see you and then write a paragraph on who you really are. Compare they match? I hope to see you at my Creative Writing Workshop Sat 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Novi Public Library....or the same day at "As the Page Turns" Northville, MI from 2-4.

Read something good...try & write something better:)

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