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Monday, November 10, 2008

Great Lakes, A River and Snow


I had a blast with you all this weekend! My Saturday signing was at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI. What a crowd! One of my customers bought 23 books for her daycare centers....Thanks so much!! I was so elated with the turnout. I sold out fast and spoke to many wonderful people. The next day I went to Writers on The River in Monroe. This event had over 35 authors! Many were seasoned authors who had written many children's books. The person next to me was Cyd Moore. Cyd is a kind, fun illustrator of many wonderful Children's works. I actually bought her book Willow which I found colorful and also thought provoking. This event was a breath of fresh air as I noticed newer authors such as myself and more seasoned veterans like Cyd. The staff was kind and I truly enjoyed the people that showed up to purchase books. Imagine my suprise when I noticed the snowflakes hitting the pavement on my way out of the venue. I know that it is November but I did not expect to see our white flaky friends just yet. So as I said this was truly a fun weekend...and very busy! This week I will be teaching a workshop in Novi from 6-8 at the Civic Center Thursday and in Madison Heights signing books on Saturday. I look forward to seeing you! :)

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