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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When I decided to take on writing full-time many people congratulated me on following my dreams. I thought this was a nice thing to say (and I still do). However am I following my dream or leading my future? I have always wanted to write full-time. I enjoy people and I've had it on my heart to have a profession path that enabled me to speak to all types of people for a living. I am doing that now. The thing that is funny is that my dreams are a yearning but my decision to make writing and speaking a career was my choice. Dreaming is so important but it takes more than just a thought or a hope to make a career. It takes tenacity and a tough skin. Many people may think I've taken a big risk by writing I believe that it is much more uncertain to let someone decide your destiny for you. Today if you have a dream....plan a action agenda to make it become a reality. You may have people that question your motives...that's good! You get to answer their question with the success ahead. Speaking of preparing for the future if you have any interest in writing I invite you to attend my workshop tomorrow in Novi at the Civic Center from 6-8 p.m. Email me if you need more details at I'll also be signing books in Madison Heights this Saturday. Next week I will be signing books in Westland Mall...get a book for someone special and don't hesitate to take control of your future:) A dream is a goal waiting to be obtained!
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