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Thursday, November 6, 2008


The Creative Writing Workshop series began yesterday. Eager participants had pens and one had a laptop ready to hone their skills as writers. Their reasons for being there varied. Some just wanted to share their written works and get feedback...others talked about dreams of writing their own book one day and thought this would be a great place to begin. The day opened with timed writing exercises of many different kinds. Thier was an emphasis on free-writing, poetry and even some time to openly critique others works. I heard the beginnings of great written works yesterday and was very proud of the group that showed up on such a beautiful day to let their thoughts run wild on paper. I hope that you can make the next one which will be November 13th from 6-8 p.m. My goal is to vary the times and days so that all who wish to attend a workshop are able to benefit from the series. In December we will feature a weekend session for those who have free-time on Saturdays. Remember that I will be at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills this Saturday from 1-3 at the Borders Express. I hope to see you there. Today I am heading out to a pre-school in Canton to do a reading and a program. Have a great day and don't be too busy to read something great!

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