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Friday, November 14, 2008


One of the best things to me about facilitating writing workshops is the chance to inspire and be inspired. Everyday people encounter great story prompts. The child at the grocery store who is crying could be a great topic for a story or poem....the man who is at Starbucks everyday in the same seat alone could be the beginning of the best novel. When we begin to use our minds to see the potential in ordinary details the story is in the middle. I had such a great time last night at the Creative Writing Workshop (Eve) session. I am always amazed at the talent that develops from these meetings. Many people start off by saying "well I'm really not that good". These are the same people that evoke emotion with their works. The workshops are great because they help the attendees to think about writing in a different way. It is a fun community of people with the determination to see what their creativity can say out loud on paper. The next and last one in this series is December 13th from 10a-12p at the Novi Civic Center. This week I will be doing a children's program and signing at the Madison Heights Library...from 2-3. Next week I will be at Westland Mall on the 22nd of Novembe from 1-3 at the Walden Books store. I hope to see you soon and remember to read something good...and then write about it:)

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