Professionals Against Bullying

Friday, November 7, 2008


One of my biggest goals with my books and my speaking ventures is to get a very important message across. YOU MATTER! Many people feel as though they do not make a difference and they may feel as though their actions don't impact anyone. Everyone makes a difference in this life. We get to choose if our choices will bring good or bad to others. I hope that you choose good. Simple things can make a big impact on others. If you decide that today you are going to smile at people more. You've made a difference. If you choose not to respond to've made a impact. When we choose the right thing we help when we don't we may's always our choice ....and our choices always matter. This Saturday I hope that you have time to stop by and see me at Great Lakes Crossing Mall. I will be signing books there from 1-3. Sunday I will be in Monroe at Writers on The River. Thursday Evening I will be teaching a creative writing workshop for those of you who prefer evenings:) This is a great way to put your thoughts into action and sharpen your writing skills. I hope that your day is great!

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