Professionals Against Bullying

Thursday, November 20, 2008


In this fast-paced world it is so easy to never reflect or evaluate life. I've been reading my old journals from 10 years ago and I am shocked by the girl in those pages. She is kind and fun yet she is not the person typing this blog post right now. I hope that people still find me kind and fun but I see alot of growth maturity wise in the person that I am today. I also believe that I can steal some of the charateristics of the person that I used to be. Do you ever take time to read over old journal entries, viusit old friends and/or even close your eyes and think about what you wanted more than anything five to ten years ago? If so do you still want it now? Have you gotten it? Was it worth the desire? Take time today and reflect. Are you doing what you were menat to do? Does your presence in others lives help them to be better or worse? I will be at Westland Mall this Saturday @ Walden Book from 1-3 signing books so if you happen to do some soul searching I'd be happy to hear what you came up with. Have a great week!